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At University IFM Geneva, we believe that our key distinctions will meet your expectations.

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Renowned & accredited business school
  Programs designed with
business leader's input
  Faculty with real-business

Established in 1971, IFM University is a 100% accredited business school. At IFM, we focus on business education. IFM provides a transformative educational experience to give you a global perspective. Our passion for innovation is reflected in our unique teaching style, which combines academic excellence, practical skills and real-world relevance.
Accreditation & recognition

Our cutting-edge curriculum has been redesigned with business leader's input and developed alongside industry experts and corporate partners. IFM programmes provide you with skills that employers want. At IFM, our syllabi are regularly reviewed to give you up-to-date business practices following the latest industry feedback and trends.
Bachelor / BBA Master / MBA

Courses are taught by renowned professors with excellent academic credentials. They also benefit from practical experience acquired as managers, entrepreneurs or consultants. Our highly commited team knows how to transmit motivation, positive energy and skills. Our faculty bridge the gap between the academic and business worlds.
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Real-business exposure   Career development   Employment record

We plug you into the business world and you may benefit from our widespread industry network. Unlike other universities, experts and managers from the most famous companies come regularly to IFM for presentations or discussions.The industry visits help you understand real business practices.
News, presentations & visits


At IFM, we help you achieve your personal aspirations and career goals. We help you secure future employment by offering essential training through practical career workshops in key areas. We also personalize our guidance to students. We provide jobs and an internship research system.
Career development


We have an excellent employment record. Our graduates manage key roles in some of the world's most recognized companies.. Our graduates are highly sought after and benefit from salaries substantially above average. Companies such as UBS, HSBC, Total, L'Oréal, P&G, LVMH, Reuters have recruited IFM graduates. See more


Urban & central campus   International & friendly institution   Fantastic location

The University is located in a modern building in the heart of the city of Geneva in the university area. IFM campus is newly refurbished and boasts the latest technology and amenities. Our classrooms are modern with HD interactive whiteboards. Our new lab is fitted with the latest networked iMacs. Students can relax in the design Student Lounge. We also provide fibre-optic connection for high-speed surfing.


At IFM, we are a human-sized institution. Our small-sized classes with a limited number of students and close professor contact, favour interactions and increase academic achievement. At IFM, the sharing of ideas and cultures (50 nationalities) helps students form lifelong bonds. In addition, our student club enables you to join numerous activities organised during the academic year.
Student life


Geneva is located in Switzerland at the heart of Europe at the edge of Lake Geneva. The city enjoys breathtaking views of the Mont Blanc and the Alps. Geneva is one of the world's most international cities. Geneva is ranked 1st for best quality of life offered to expatriates. Geneva is a world leader in finance and a world trading hub. Switzerland is the most innovative and competitive country in the world.
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