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Julian Strosek
General Director
Kiveda Holding, Germany


Alla Ferreiro Hermida


Ekoli Hagenbüchle
Senior Sourcing Manager Novartis


Dr. Patrick Furrer
Vice Rector Research,
HES-SO, Wallis, Switzerland

"The education I received at IFM has helped me a lot to first of all give me an orientation of what I would like to do and secondly, the practical approach IFM follows, provided me with valuable information helping me every day in my professional career."


"When I started at IFM, I already had an interesting position and significant experience behind me. The MBA helped to fill the gaps and see the same activities from a different perspective."


"What a great experience; a great atmosphere between teachers, students and team students. I think the MBA at IFM is an indispensable basis for working in an international field of management."


"I enjoyed the very open-minded and rich interaction with the classmates and professors during my MBA at IFM. The knowledge acquired in several courses could readily be used in my job responsibilities."


Yannick Theler
Managing Director
Ubisoft , Abu Dhabi, UAE


Eric Bara
Sales Manager & Corporate Manager, Ecolab France


Aliko Blerta
Deputy Regional Director
United Nations, Women


Charles Delaloye
Sales Manager
ABB, Switzerland

"This intensive training is oriented towards « business realities ». It has helped me in my day-to-day tasks as a manager, such as reflection and the capacity to take a step back, allowing us to gain a bigger picture of the solutions needed by a company.
Internationalisation, the emer-gence of new markets have and will upset our ways of working. The IFM MBA  brings a strong basis to face challenges that await us."


"Organized around classes with fewer numbers of students, the MBA program at IFM favours interaction, not only between professors and students, but also between students themselves. The competencies and the availability of the teaching and administrative staff are undoubtedly a plus. Facing the rapid globalisation of markets, the MBA education at IFM provides essential tools for understanding."


"The curriculum of the MBA programme was really exciting and challenging at the same time. The new teaching environment with the all the modern facilities was very attractive as well. The professors' academic and professional experience was really inspiring. The different activities organised by IFM were much appreciated by the students."


"My MBA gave me the opportunity to put myself at the forefront indealing with our daily business issues.Today I have the overall view I always wanted. My MBA covered the gaps and linked the different business topics together, leading to a very interesting experience. We all agree that we learnt new skills and approaches to use in our different organisations."


Moreno Centelleghe
Debiopharm Research & Manufacturing

Technical Director


Laurie Berthollet
Plan Production Manager Surcotec, Switzerland




“The MBA at IFM allowed me to acquire a lot of new knowledge, essential for the continuation of my professional career. I benefited greatly from the education received from professors who have extensive professional and academic experience, as well as from the practical case studies carried out in groups."


“The IFM experience was fascinating. It allowed me to develop in depth knowledge and integrate an international approach of business reality. I recommend it to anyone who wants to acquire solid skills.”


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