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BBA in International Business

bachelor - bBA in international business


A programme that will provide you with global vision of business
to succeed internationally.

The international business environment is changing and a new market reality is emerging. Most companies are directly or indirectly affected by international political and economic events. This degree gives you a deep understanding of the major strategic challenges in global business.

Developed by professionals and industry experts, the program allows students to understand the complexity and the influence of the international environment in which companies evolve. This dynamic program blends theoretical and practical learning and gives students excellent knowledge in management, economics, business strategy and negotiation.

This specialization in International Business provides you with knowledge in international trade and gives you skills to perform in an international environment. You will develop the ability to recognize and analyze the risks and opportunities inherent to doing business abroad. This comprehensive degree program has been designed to give you a solid foundation for your future career in business at an international level.

Graduates of the program can expect to find employment in any number of industries and professional organizations, ranging from trading companies, international organizations, multinational companies to small-sized enterprises.

The right place to study
Geneva is the most international city in the world. 1,000 multinationals and 330 international organizations are established in Geneva. Geneva is a world trading hub with 400 trading companies. Geneva is also a world leader in trade finance.







Duration of the programme :
3 years

3 intakes per year in January, April and October.

Language of the programme : fully taught in English

Sample courses may include
International Business
International Trade
International Finance
International Marketing
Intercultural Management
European Business
Business strategy


“IFM provided me with a unique
learning opportunity. I enjoyed my days at IFM interacting with international students and learning about their various diverse cultures.
I believe this was crucial in my post college endeavors. Thanks to the acquired skills, today I am able to develop professional relationships and comprehend the international
business industries. The low student to teacher ratio allowed me to
get a practical understanding of all
subjects and topics. IFM is very
unique in terms of the social and
academic environment.”
Abdul Mazin
Trader M&N Chicago

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