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Practical approach to studies

At IFM, we offer a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with 5 carefully designed specialisations to provide you with a unique accredited business degree.

BBA in International Business
BBA in Management
BBA in Banking and Finance
BBA in Communication and Marketing
BBA in Family Business Management


The first two years cover the core courses, with the third year offering a specialisation in one of 5 key areas. You will gain a unique business qualification and obtain a BBA degree that matches your career goals.
Dual degree : at IFM, you have the opportunity to obtain a dual degree by completing 3 additional courses during the 3rd year. This possibility allows our students to develop knowledge and skills in 2 areas.


Our programmes promote dynamic learning based on practice and interaction. Courses are interactive and involve simulations, case studies, debates, role-playing games, projects, research, and team work. Students acquire advanced skills in communication which allow them to be successful in all professions. The practical aspects are complemented by presentations given by industry experts and company visits.



Measure of your progress
Duration of studies

We offer 2 sections to follow your studies.

1. English-speaking section
2. French-speaking section


We use credits to measure the students' academic progress. The credit is the unit of value in a class used in most international universities. Assessments and examinations are held regulalry during each term.


Bachelor programmes are delivered
over 3 years (9 terms).
> see academic calendar
Students generally follow 5 classes
per term.

Accreditation & recognition
Up-to-date curriculum
Faculty with experience

IFM is accredited by ACBSP, IACBE (USA), and EDUQUA (CH). IFM is also a candidate for accreditation. IFM is also a recognized member of AACSB, CHEA, ECBE, FEDE, ECIS, FSEP... IFM is well established within Geneva. > see accreditation & recognition


At IFM, our curriculum was designed alongside business experts and corporate partners. Our syllabuses will give you up-to-date business knowledge following the latest industry feedback. IFM’s BBA provides you with the skills that employers are seeking. The school also has a widespread industry network.


Your course will be taught by renowned professors with real-business experience and who are industry experts. A strong academic base faculty will ensure a rewarding student experience. Our faculty bridge the gap between the academic and business worlds. > faculty list

Real-business exposure

Visits of world-renowned companies and discussions with managers and experts will expose you to a wide range of professional possibilities and help you reach out and network with business communities.
Examples include Nestlé, Easyjet, Breitling, Merrill Lynch, Reuters, Philip Morris, Tesla...
> see visits & events


At IFM we work with you to achieve your career goals and aspirations. We offer career guidance in order to advise students in a more personal manner. We help you secure future employment by offering essential training through career sessions in key areas. Our graduates have an excellent employment record and now occupy key roles in a wide variety of business.
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> our students & alumni


Applying to IFM has never been easier.
We fully explain the different steps of the application process, what you need to complete and what you need to submit.
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We offer 3 intakes for more flexibility in
January, April and October.
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