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The university welcomes students from over 50 nationalities.
Mandatory Insurance
Monthly living expenses

The university does not offer housing on its campus, however IFM offers resources to find accommodation through its database of apartments, student apartments, homes and residences. Students are advised to begin searching for accommodation as early as possible, meaning right after receiving an acceptance letter from IFM.

IFM's admissions may help you.

Find accomodation


Swiss law requires Swiss and international students to be personally insured through an insurance company. This insurance covers medical and hospital fees as well as medication under prescription.

Advisor Swiss Insurance
Site : www.advisor-swiss.ch
Tel.  +41 21 620 75 00
Opening times
08h30-12h00 & 13h30-17h00
This company is independant from IFM.


The following budget is indicative and may vary between students :
food and upkeep from CHF 900.- to 1,400.-
housing from CHF 600.- to 2'000.-
insurance from CHF 100.- to CHF 300.-
others CHF 300.-

At the beginning of your stay you should take into account additional expenses : For example:
1st month's rent payment, includes a mandatory security deposit, costs of facilities, crockery, linen, small furniture, phone service & internet

Coming to Switzerland
Once arrived
Prepare your file for the office

European Students & AELE
Students do not need a visa to enter Switzerland and but they need a residence permit to live in Switzerland. (Timing 1.5 to 2 months)

Other international students
If your home country is not part of the European Union, you need a student visa to come to Switzerland. Administrative procedures have to be dealt with by the Swiss Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin. IFM helps students.
(Timing up to 3 months)
Visa information Visa application form

Caution : Swiss authorities must have evidence that a place has been reserved at IFM and evidence of sufficient financial means. Please note that the letter of admissions does not give access to visas.


All international students must
announce their arrival to l’Office Cantonale de la Population within 8 days & ask for a residence permit. (IFM students get a B permit)

Website of Office cantonal de la population : website
Adress :
Route de Chancy 88, 1213 Onex

Students have to prepare a file for the Office Cantonal of Population that includes all documents mentioned on the right.


• Documents to bring with you 
1. Your Passport and visa if needed
2. Your certificate of registration from IFM
3. 2 passport size photographs
4. A Curriculum vitae
General form & study form (in French only)
6. Financial responsibilty form (in French only)
(bank statement or proof of means showing sufficient funds to cover your studies)
7. State administration fees CHF 100.-

Non-European students have provided these documents for their visa application (except 1,3,7), however they should keep copies.



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